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Remember What to Avoid When Selling

I urge you to never sell gold coins at pawn shops, jewelry shops or neighborhood gold coins buying shops. You will never get actual price for your gold coins while selling it to neighborhood coin shops, jewelry stores, pawn shops. You can’t believe how little they pay to buy your gold coins.

Always research before you sell gold coins. When you buy gold you research about it purity and weight. Similarly, before you sell your gold coins always research about the buyer. A gold coins buyer who has bad online reputation for selling gold coins should be avoided completely.


Benaka Gold Company buy all types of gold coins, gold bars, silver coins, silver bars, or platinum coins and bars. Its prices are updated on everyday basis and we make markets in thousands of bullion coins and bullion bars as well as collectible coins (numismatics). Benaka Gold buy gold coins in any amount.

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Selling gold coins is relatively easy process as it has no stones attached with it. After checking its purity you can get the exact price for your gold coins.

Difference B/W Selling Gold coins & Gold jewelry

We buy gold jewelry for many purposes. We buy it for wearing on wedding or any functions, to gift someone etc. Usually people buy Gold coins that comes under gold bullions for investment purpose.

Why people buy gold coins or gold bullions for investment purpose?

You can buy gold coins at no or very less making charge that can be up to 20 to 30 % on gold jewelries.

Tips to sell your Gold Coins

Know your Gold & understand its value

Gold coins are come under commodity. Many people trade it at a fixed price through bullion dealers and on other trading platforms. To get a actual price for your gold coins, it’s important to understand what you are selling and how much it is worth.

sell gold coinsGold coins are produced by the Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India Limited (SPMCIL) and hallmarked by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). The World Gold Council is the marketing associate in this venture to create awareness about the gold coins.

There are several official bullion coins mint in other countries, such as the Vienna Gold Philharmonic coins and the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf. Bullion dealers buy many of these gold coins.

If you know the type of gold coins that you have, You can sell them at Benaka Gold Company branch. Reach at your nearest Benaka Gold branch and sell your gold coins there.

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While checking the selling rate of your gold coins, one thing you should consider that buyer will pay you bit less than the actual price of your gold coins.

If you do not know what type of gold coins you have, you will not be able to sell them at their actual price. In that case you will sell your gold coins at the rate of scrap gold. To calculate your gold coins approximate value, you can weigh those coins and calculate using the current gold rate price per gram.

You can also use this calculator below to get a rough idea about the price:

Sell at reputed company that can offer a fair price

Instead of selling at any pawn shop or local jewelry store, it is best to choose best and reliable gold buyer to sell your gold coins. These companies offer competitive prices and will buy your gold coins based on their market value.

Benaka Gold Company is a Leading Gold Buyer in India. It is the only place throughout India where you can sell your gold coins at the live market price.

benaka gold contact number

Visit your nearest Benaka Gold branch and sell your gold coins. Benaka Gold follows very easy procedure to buy your gold. We work in safe and transparent environment.

Procedure to sell your gold coins at Benaka Gold:
  • sell gold coins
  • Visit your nearest Benaka Gold branch.
  • Bring purchase bill of your gold coins.
  • Bring your Aadhar card & Pan card.
  • Benaka Gold will check your gold coin’s purity using XLR technology without even touching your gold coins.
  • After we get satisfied with the above process, we will offer you the best price possible.
  • You are free to accept or reject the offer.

*There is no charge for checking you gold coins purity.

Release your pledged gold coins or gold item at Benaka Gold

Benaka Gold Company run a special program to release your pledged gold coins or gold from any gold company, jewelers or any person to whom you have pledged your gold coins.

We will pay on your behave and release your gold coins. You can sell your pledged gold coins at Benaka Gold branch.

As gold rate is all time high. This is the best time to sell your gold coins and release some cash for other things. Visit Benaka Gold for the best price possible in the market.

Submit your details & our executive will contact you soon:

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