Do you have any old coins or old gold coins to sell?

Are you looking to sell your old gold coins or old coins?

Best way to sell your old coins:

If you’ve got some old coins and looking to sell old coins, but you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to assist you, how to sell your old coins and obtain the foremost money for them. We’ll walk you through the way to value your old coins and to find best old coins buyers

Follow the simple steps to start selling your old coins:

Identify Old Gold Coins:

old coins buyerAlways Identify your old coins before selling it to old gold coins buyers. That piece of information will be there on the old coin or old gold coin.
Coin dealers and collectors will help you in identifying your old coins or old gold coins. Take a transparent photo of each side of your old gold coin and send it to numismatist groups online if you can’t bring the coin at their place.

How can you value your old coins or old gold coins?

Multiply the weight of the coin by the percentage of purity. This will establish what proportion of the valuable metal you’ve got to sell. You can get the current value of your old gold coins by multiplying the proportion of valuable metal with current market price.

Or you can call Benaka Gold, our executive will help you:

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Benaka Gold Company Buys all types of old gold coins, gold bars, silver coins, silver bars, or platinum coins and bars. Our prices are updated on everyday basis and we make markets in thousands of bullion coins and bullion bars as well as collectible coins (numismatics). Benaka Gold buy gold coins in any amount.

Sell Old Gold Coins for Cash Successfully:

old coinsSelling old gold coins isn’t obvious. It is normal if you’re questioning how to go about selling them. One of the most important parts of selling old parts is to be informed on what you are selling and the sales process. The more you recognize, the higher off you’ll be. Also, the less likely it’ll be that unscrupulous old coin buyers are going to be ready to cash in on you. Do your research before time and you’ll make certain to possess a successful coin sale.

You have a lot of options. Here one of the options is Benaka Gold Company The one you opt for will depend upon how quickly you would like to sell them, the standard of the coins, the sort of coins, and therefore the way you sell them.
First, the outline “old coins” isn’t very helpful in supplying you with advice on selling your specific coins.

What are the ways to sell your old gold coins?

There are many ways to sell old gold coins:

  1. You can sell it to pawn shops. They are always eager to buy old items whether it is old gold coins or anything else. One thing that I will suggest you is don’t try to sell your old gold coins at pawn shops. As you will not get the actual price for your gold.
  2. Jewelry shops are also an option to sell your old gold coins. Once you will reach at jewelry shop with your old gold coin they will check its purity with some faulty machine and show your the wrong information

This way they can make more money by buying your old gold coins.

3. Third and best option is to sell it to online gold buyers. They only can give you fair price             for your old gold coins. Benaka Gold Company one of the leading old gold coins buyer             in India. Benaka Gold is a only company which buy old gold coins at live market price.

How to sell your old coins:

You can sell your old coins through auction. Auctions generally charge the consignor 10–15% of the selling price but at some places there is minimum fee per coin. The major problem with this selling process is, you simply have to wait till the coin is listed for an auction. Sometimes final sales price are below the retail value of the old coins(although some coins inexplicably sell at Several times more than there estimated price).

You will get the payment only after the customer pays for the old coins. Some firms wait 45 days or even 90 days to receive payment from the buyer and then only auction firms pays to the consignor.

How much dealers will pay:

Dealers will rarely pay more than 30% of what they think they can sell the old coin for. This is not because they’re cheating you. That is actually a good price under the circumstances. In case a dealer buys your old coins, he is actually doing you a favor. He is taking the old coins off your hand and giving you money. He needs to sale the old coins he buys to overcome all the cost the old coin buyer bear while buying and money he will spend in the old coins selling process.

Selling Coins to the dealer:

One other problem with consigning or selling old coins to a dealer is finding one. There are not hundred of old coins buyer shop in any city where you can sell your old coins. So you may need to look online. If you are close to a major city, you can go to a old coins buyer shop. You will get best price only from the best old coins buyer. Since you don’t know the old coins dealer, it is often tough to find whether it is giving you correct price or not.

Local Coin Dealers:

If there is any old coins buyer in your locality then it is the best choice for you. As It will be fast, convenient and trust worthy. Make sure that the old coins buyer you are choosing has experienced in old coins buying business. Check if the old coins dealer has any kind of internet presence and read its customer’s reviews.

One thing you must keep in mind that you will not get the actual price at any old coins dealer as they also have some expenses to run their business.

Old Coins Shows:

Old coin shows are one of the best option if you don’t have immediate need of cash. This is because the shows generally take place one or two times a year in a city. People travel long to set up this type of event. There you will get an opportunity to meet many old coin buyers in one place. You can compare every deal and choose the best for your old coins.

Best place to sell your old gold coins:

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If you have old gold coins and looking for best old gold coins buyer then contact Benaka Gold Company or visit your nearest branch to sell your old gold coins.

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Benaka Gold Company buys all types of gold coins, gold bars, silver coins, silver bars, or platinum coins and bars. Its prices are updated on an everyday basis. You can check your current gold rate:

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We can buy gold coins in any amount(one old gold coin to thousands of coins). Benaka Gold Company not only buy old gold coins they buy gold old gold jewelry, scrap gold, Gold bullions also.

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