How to tell if the gold is real or fake? 5 easy ways to check your gold purity

Gold is an expensive metal and for most of them it is not only a jewelery but it is an investment.

But there are high chances that the gold you’ve bought is not so pure. Yes, this happens and consumers who bought the gold from random buyers have experienced the poor quality of their gold. But here we help you to check your gold and know if it is the real gold or the fake one.

The hallmarks

Hallmarks are the better way to test your gold if it is real or fake. Hallmark is the sign of purity usually represented in the form of numbers, signs or letters according to the gold purity and the country you buy. But the hallmark is a certified sign that tells if your gold is real or fake. Hallmark is the sign authorized by Bureau of India Standards to represent the particular purity percentage of the gold.

The hallmarks are represented on the inner side of any jeweler on the basis of carat like 12k, 15k, 18k,22k, 24k.

Floating test:

This is the at-home test that helps check the purity of your gold. Gold is the heavy metal and has more density. Gold doesn’t float on water. Take a glass of water and drop your gold in the glass. If you see that gold is floating over the water, then you probably have the gold that is fake. If the gold completely settles at the bottom.  

Magnetic test:

Gold is a metal and doesn’t react to any of the magnetic substances. Hold a strong magnet and to any of your gold and if attracted to the magnet, then its is not the pure gold. Gold is not magnetic and shouldn’t be attracted to any of the substance or any strong magnetic field. A neodymium magnet might work for the gold test since it is the strongest form of magnet.

The skin test: Gold is a metal that doesn’t discolor if contacted with the skin. If the gold is mixed with any other metal like silver, it leaves behind the black mark and if the gold is mixed with the metal like copper, it leaves behind the bluish grey mark on the place where you constantly have worn the piece of the gold.

Gold doesn’t discolor with sweat, oil or water. So, if your gold is leaving the color by wearing it for longer hours, it’s probably not the purest form of gold.

The ultimate test by jewelers

No matter how effectively you test the gold at-home, it is always a credible step to conduct surety trust from the authorized gold buyers in India. Gold buyers in Bangalore like Benaka gold company are the authorized sellers and help you to test the gold purity.  

All you need to do is to take your gold to the gold buyers in Bangalore. With state-of-the-art machinery and technology, they will tell you the exact purity rate of the gold. Also, you can avail instant cash for your gold in Bangalore.


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