Will stone weight deducted when selling old golds?

top gold buyers in BangaloreThese days gold is one of the best investments and a well-respected metal among the people of India. The value of gold in the market is increasing day by day is evidence for that. We buy gold jewels not only for their beauty and value but also for the best investment.

Gold jewels are sold with luminous stones placed in them to enhance their beauty. Gold jewels are being sold inlaid with highly prized stones like diamond, vitreous, ruby, and coral along with ordinary stones which can fetch little price.

When we buy gold jewels, we also pay a bit more for the stones in them. We give more value to precious stones according to their nature. But when we sell gold jewels in an emergency situation, the weight of the stones in them is deducted and we are given back only the price for the gold.

Benakka Gold Company, a pioneer in buying gold jewels in Indian market, understands your concerns. When you sell your gold jewels at Benaka Gold Company, you will be pleased to receive a value price for it, even if the weight of the stones is deducted. This way you can get a price that is not available anywhere else in the market only at Benaka Gold Company.

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