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Are you looking for the Best Place to Sell Gold in Bangalore?

Finding the best place to sell gold in Bangalore is not as difficult as you think?  

As Gold prices rising continuously, Gold becomes a better investment opportunity with no or a little risk. When Gold prices rise people are eager to sell their unwanted gold to make good money. As the gold industry is very less familiar to common people it becomes difficult for them to find the best place to sell Gold in Bangalore

This vlog will help you choose a better option to sell your jewelry.

Why do we sell our gold?

As we use to buy gold, at some point in time we like to sell the old gold that we do not wear anymore, cause of the old design. Some people sell their gold in Bangalore because of their financial needs too.

When you are in need, You always look for the best place to sell your gold in Bangalore and get instant cash for your jewelry. In the current scenario, as coronavirus pandemic hit the world. Even India suffered two waves till now and there is the inevitable prediction for the 3rd wave.

Many people lost their jobs in Bangalore and some of their savings cause of high medical expenses. As Gold and Silver price is high these day better way to get rid of this financial problem is to sell your gold today at the best place in Bangalore available near you to get the maximum cash return.


Pawnshops are traditionally known places to sell your gold in Bangalore but these shops work in very low volume and don’t give you good value for your gold. They just work as a middle man between sellers and gold refiners.


Jewelry shops are one more popular choice traditionally to sell your gold but they are not the best place to sell your gold in Bangalore. Pawnshops and Jewellery shops both work in quite a similar way. Jewelry shops usually buy good looking gold with other precious metal that gives them good returns. They also work in very low volume.


If you have some unused gold in any amount and looking for the best place to sell your gold in Bangalore at the best price then I strongly suggest you sell your gold to online gold buyers. Online gold buyers provide you free online services to sell your gold. They will allow you to give your jewels to check their purity and weight. Once the evaluation is done they will provide you best deal in the market that you can accept or decline. In case you don’t accept the offer, they will give back your gold at your doorstep safely. They provide INSTANT CASH.

Company that buys gold online and has an SSL certificate in online gold buying is BENAKA GOLD COMPANY. Benaka Gold provides better deals for your jewelry. They have a secured network for taking your gold from your home and provide you instant cash at a live market price. Benaka Gold Company works all across India.

Best place to sell gold in Bangalore

benaka gold contact number

Check gold purity according to the karat:

  • 24K – 99.9%
  • 22K – 91.7%
  • 18K – 75%
  • 14K – 58.3%
  • 10K – 41.7%

Gold material that people commonly sell

Gold Coins:

Many people have old gold coins that they have collected it year. People buy gold coins at festivals or to gift someone. Once they realize they have many gold coins and no use keeping them at home. They start looking for the best place to sell gold near them in Bangalore. Sometimes people get gold coins luckily while cleaning out an attic or safe and start looking for the best place to sell gold in Bangalore.

Gold Buyers:

Gold coins are one of the most common items you sell to gold buyers in Bangalore. We use to sell one gram gold coin to gold buyers near to us that we use to buy at festivals. Some people sell gold coins printed with different occasions or gods to Gold buyers near them in Bangalore.

We sell silver coins as well, to gold buyers near us. Benaka Gold Company is the leading gold buyer in India and has many branches across India. visit to your nearest branch all sell your gold coins.

Best place to sell your gold in Bangalorebenaka gold company contact number

Release your pledged Gold

In India, People use to pledge their Gold for instant cash requirements and once they got trapped, they start looking for solutions to release their pledged gold. Sometimes they are able to pay the cash they have taken or sometimes they are not. In case you are not paying the money, they will auction your gold.

Where people Pledge their Gold:

There are shops where you can sell old gold in Bangalore that they don’t require anymore. They also buy or pledge Gold and give instant cash for gold jewelry. As they are a very small shop with little or no authenticity, they use to pledge gold at a very high rate of interest. Even there is a possibility that they can manipulate your gold. Many people pledge their gold at jewelry shops and pawnshops there is no difference between both shops.


There are many companies like Muthoot Finance gold loan, Manappuram gold loan, IIFL Finance gold loan, HDFC Bank gold loan that provides gold loans. All these companies work on a high interest rate modal. If you pay back their money they will get a high-interest rate or if not, they will sell your pledged gold.

By selling pledged gold, they get maximum profit. customers lose their valuable gold and do not even get actual value for their gold. They provide only 65 to 70% cash value of your gold.

How to release pledged gold:

People use to ask a common question. How to release pledged gold? And the answer is BENAKA GOLD COMPANY. BENAKA GOLD COMPANY is a leading online gold buyer company in India. It has branches all across India. You can visit your nearest branch and sell your gold. Benaka Gold holds all the certifications including an SSL certificate.

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