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Your Trusted Gold Buyers-Benaka Gold Company

Welcome to Benaka Gold Company. We specialize in providing a variety of innovative and user-friendly services for gold transactions. Our dedication to providing services that are clear, safe, and practical makes us stand out in the gold-buying sector. Now let’s explore the range of services we provide:

1. Sell Your Gold: for your trusted Gold Buyers

Sell Your Gold: for your trusted Gold Buyers

Selling your gold is a big decision, and we at Benaka Gold Company understand that. To provide you the best possible market value for your precious gold pieces, we guarantee a simple and reliable procedure. Our specialists will accurately assess your belongings—jewelry, coins, or bullion—and provide you with a competitive price.

2. Release Pledged Gold:

Release Pledged Gold

We recognize that many individuals pledge their gold to pawnbrokers, banks, and other financial businesses when they are in need. Our service is designed to help you release your pledged gold conveniently. We take care of paying the necessary interest and making sure you receive the current market price for your gold. This service is aimed at easing your financial burdens and providing you with immediate relief.

3. Renting Gold:

Renting Gold

Benaka Gold Company offers a gold rental service that is distinct in the industry. If you need to release your pledged gold for an emergency but are not ready to sell it, we provide a solution. We will release your gold from any financial institution by paying the required amount. Subsequently, you can rent your jewelry to us. You can efficiently manage your assets and financial requirements thanks to this flexibility.

4. EMI Options:

EMI Options for your gold

We understand that it can be difficult to release pledged gold due to high-interest rates and financial constraints. To facilitate the process of retrieving your gold from any bank, pawnbroker, or financial institution, we provide EMI options. This facility allows you to convert the total amount into manageable monthly installments, making it easier for you to retrieve your precious assets without financial strain.

5. 21 Days Scheme:

21 Days Scheme for your gold

Need immediate cash for urgent financial needs? That’s why our 21-Day scheme is designed for such situations. Benaka Gold Company offers interest-free financing for up to 21 days when you pledge your gold. Our staff will promptly confirm the gold content and give you immediate payment for your jewelry. For those who need instant cash without worrying about making interest payments right now, this plan is a great choice.

6. Stone Value for Your Jewelry:

Stone Value for Your gold Jewelry

At Benaka Gold Company, we recognize the value of the stones in your jewelry, compared to many gold buyers who only seem interested in the metal. We evaluate your gold’s weight, purity, and potential stone value in addition to these factors. Our professionals carefully assess the stones in your jewelry using the latest technology to make sure you get paid the most for the entire piece not just the gold.

7. We Pay Interest for Pledged Gold:

We Pay Interest for Pledged  Gold

It can be difficult to release pledged gold, particularly when interest payments are involved. We make this procedure easier by paying banks, pawnbrokers, and other financial institutions the full amount due, including interest, to release your gold. Then, Benaka Gold Company would allow you to pledge the same gold on more beneficial terms. With the help of this special service, you can flexibly handle your financial commitments and manage your assets more effectively.

8. Doorstep Gold Related Service:

Doorstep Gold Related Service:

Since we know how important convenience is, we provide a doorstep service to customers who are unable to visit our store. Our specialists are readily available to assist you with the process of selling your gold from your home. Our executive will analyze your gold, evaluate its purity, and provide you with immediate cash for your jewelry using the newest technology. This service ensures that you can complete your transaction in a safe and comfortable environment.

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