• Are you planning to sell Gold?

  • facing trouble in finding the best place to sell gold?

  • Then Come to Benaka Gold Company. We are the most trusted Gold buyer in India.

We are the best Gold buyers for offering the best prices in market. Spot cash for the Gold, Being one of the most certified gold buyers in India, We make spot payments after proper valuation. Our Benaka Gold Company is a professional expertise that can match customers expectations. It is very often to face financial crisis and selling gold is that the best choice to satisfy your needs.

  • Numerous reasons to Sell Gold:

There are numerous other reasons to sell gold. It also be broken gold, Scrap Gold, Bullion Gold, Old Gold, unused Gold, otherwise you’re not curious about wearing it, we are there to convert your jewelry into cash. So if you are looking to sell gold then, Visit Benaka Gold Company it is the best place to sell gold for cash. As you all know, Gold had always been the highly prized metal comparing to the other metals.

At Benaka Gold Company you get the simplest pricing for your gold items. Our Pricing chart is straight forward to know and updated as per current market trend. We are friendly, transparent, fast and honest. We are the best Leading Gold Buyer in India. It has many branches all across India.

How to know what to expect when selling gold?

Selling Gold is not that much easy task as it used to be in older days. There are buyers of Gold today that have made the process quick & hassle-free. At Benaka Gold Company you can get instant cash for your gold. In India, Gold Doesn’t just amount to the price value but also the emotional value to the Indians, being sure of the procedure will make you feel content to sell your gold.


From dealers at the mall, pawn shops, jewelry stores, and even Internet mail-in gold buying websites, you’ve got to be extremely careful. Not every gold buyers are equal when it comes to their role once check how they price your items, what they actually pay, even how they determine the actual purity of your gold jewelry, these things plays major role in business.
When it involves selling your scrap gold, you would like to teach yourself, first go for  searching, and confirm to check your gold purity before you seal the deal.benaka gold contact number

How to sell Gold Jewelry?

Usually people use to ask how to sell gold jewelry? Gold jewelry are usually in 22 karat, 18 karat, 14 karat and 10 karat. You can sell gold jewelry at Benaka Gold and get instant cash according to the purity.

After an easy documentation work, we will check your gold purity using XRF technology imported from Germany. In this process we wont touch the gold. so there is no chance of damage to your gold jewelry.

After the purity check you will get an offer according to your gold purity. Benaka Gold buy gold at live market rate.

How to sell Scrap Gold?

As Indian culture is blend with gold jewelry. People have so many scrap gold items that they no longer use and all they can do is to melt them and recycle them.

If you will ask how to sell scrap gold? No one will suggest you to visit jewelry shop or pawn shop. As these shops are work in very less volume, they won’t provide you good return.

If you want a good return, always visit to online gold buyer company like Benaka Gold Company. Only Benaka Gold can give you return at spot price.

How to sell Broken Gold?

If you have any broken gold, it has no place rather than to sell it. And as I said jewelry shops and pawn shop are not the place to sell your broken gold. If you will visit them to sell your broken gold they will offer you lesser then scrap gold.

Visit your nearest Benaka Gold branch to sell your broken gold. Benaka Gold Company| Spot cash for the Gold Benaka Gold will pay you exact price according to your gold purity Either gold is broken or not it is still gold Any honest gold buyer must give the exact amount according to purity.

Exclusive offer in Benaka Gold Company:

Release your pledged Gold & Get Spot cash for the Gold:

In India, People use to pledge their Gold for instant cash requirements and once they got trapped, they start looking for solutions to release their pledged gold. Sometimes they are able to pay the cash they have taken or sometimes they are not. In case you are not paying the money, finally they will auction your gold.

Where people Pledge their Gold:

There are shops where you can sell old gold in Hyderabad that they don’t require anymore. They also buy or pledge Gold and give instant cash for gold jewelry. As they are a very small shop with little or no authenticity, they use to pledge gold at a very high rate of interest. Even there is a possibility that they can manipulate your gold. Many people pledge their gold at jewelry shops and pawnshops there is no difference between both shops.


There are many companies like Muthoot Finance gold loan, Manappuram gold loan, IIFL Finance gold loan, HDFC Bank gold loan that provides gold loans. All these companies work on a high interest rate modal. If you pay back their money they will get a high-interest rate or if not, they will sell your pledged gold.

By selling pledged gold, they get maximum profit. customers lose their valuable gold and do not even get actual value for their gold. They provide only 65 to 70% cash value of your gold.

How to release pledged gold:

People use to ask a common question. How to release pledged gold? And the answer is BENAKA GOLD COMPANY. BENAKA GOLD COMPANY is a leading online gold buyer company in India. It has branches all across India. You can visit your nearest branch Benaka Gold Company| Spot cash for the Gold and sell your gold Benaka Gold holds all the certifications including an SSL certificate

Procedure to release pledged gold:

  • Call Benaka Gold or visit to its nearest branch.
  • Send all the gold related document including your gold pledged document.
  • Once our executive will verify those document. They will come with you to the gold loan company or jewelers and pay the loan amount on your behalf.
  • After releasing your gold we will offer you the best price to sell your gold.
  • Once you accept, we will give you the rest amount after deducting the loan amount.

Happy and Satisfied Customer Reviews:

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