For people, gold acts both as perfect jewelry and an absolute investment. Indians have an extra mile of desire towards gold, and worldwide Indian jewellery has its unique demand because of its traditional designs and crafting made through gold. Considering gold as an investment goes back to the traditions of India where it is not only to enhance beauty but also as an asset during the uncertainties of life.

Now if you have such assets in the form of gold and want to know how to resell your old gold and calculate the value, simply take the gold to a nearby old gold jewellery buyer in bangalore.

Steps to know the weight and other particulars of your gold

1)  Take your gold to the purity testing lab and get the gold tested or

2)  Avail the report with all the particulars like weight of the gold, purity in both percentage and karats.

3)  Check the present hallmark value of old gold

Calculating the gold with percentage purity

  Old gold value = Weight of Gold x Purity of Gold x Rate of Gold today) / 100

   Ex: Weight of gold = 13gms

   Purity of gold = 75%

  Old gold value = 13 x 75 x 5000 / 100 = 48,750 INR

 Calculating the gold with karats purity

    Old gold value = Weight of Gold x Purity of Gold x Rate of Gold today) / 24

  Ex:   Weight of gold = 13gms

    Purity of gold = 18 karats

    Old gold value = 13 x 18 x 5000 / 24 = 48,750 INR

Calculating the gold should be done with high attention. Sometimes even a minute mistake can cause the loss of gold. Other ways of testing the gold would be going to the gold jewellery buyers in Bangalore that are trusted and reputed.

It gives you a hassle-free experience and there will be no chances of inappropriate calculation.


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