8 Things to consider before Buying Gold

Fascination for gold in Indian culture is goes beyond realms. On every occasion whether it is Festival or marriage we purchase Gold coins or Gold jewelry. Purchasing of Gold in India generally means one thing, Jewelry but before buying gold you should consider few things. Buying gold jewelry serves to our two purposes. It is not only an investment but also an irreplaceable fashion accessory.

It is a known fact that Indians love to wear jewelry on every occasion whether it is Wedding or Anniversaries, Birthday party or Get-togethers. Irrespective of gender, every people wear some kind of jewelry.

Just mentioning of this metal is enough to attract us toward it. This attraction distract us from everything else in this world and gives us a dream to purchase Gold. When we talk about India, on an average we are most gold jewelry purchasing country. As we are the most Gold jewelry loving country it is pretty common to make mistake but remembering a few simple steps could save us from making common mistakes.

Things to consider before buying Gold:

Purity Check Up:

The purity of gold is always mentioned in karats. We all are familiar 24 karat and 22 karat gold as it is use to mentioned on gold jewelry. 24 karat gold has 99.9% pure and 22 karat gold has 92% purity. Every karat gold is equivalent to 4.2% pure gold, it means that 18 and 14 karat gold contains only 75% and 58.33% pure gold respectively. 24 karat gold holds maximum purity with that we can make jewelry but with 22, 18 and 14 karat gold made jewelry are better than 24 karat to make gold jewelry. So before spending your hard earned money always check its purity. Hallmark is an indication of purity of gold and it is advisable to purchase hallmarked jewelry.

Making Charges:

  Making charge is one of the ingredient that is always added with the jewelry you buy. It varies with jewelry you buy and design you choose. Making charges is basically the labor charges that jeweler spend in making jewelry. These charges are one of the section that you must consider before buying Gold jewelry. Always go with the shop that added minimum making charge.

Man-made Vs machine made ornaments:

As demand of gold is increasing everyday jeweler shifted to make jewelry using machine, as it is helpful in mass production. Making jewelry by machine decrease its making charges as compare to hand made. Choosing jewelry made up with the help of machine can save buyers hard earned money.

Check the weight:

Cost of the jewelry also depend on the weight of the jewelry and of course the heavier it will be the more you have to pay for it. Some jewelry comes with precious stone like Diamond and Ruby. Always check weight of the gold individually or else you will be ended up paying more.


Gold purchases peak during certain occasions, special when marriage and festival season arrives. Which push up gold prices. If possible always try to buy in off season or before peak season arrives.

Buy Backs:

Most jewelers offer a buy back option. One can exchange their old jewelry set for a new one. As designs and trends changes with time, we get bored with the design and wish to buy new one. Always discussing buy back during the purchase it will benefit you in the future, if you ever get bored with your jewelry.

Online Gold Buyer:

                                                 If you are looking to sell your old gold or pledge gold at any gold loan company, consider Online Gold Buyer as they provide best service in the market. In India people use to sell there old gold pledge gold to pawn shops or jeweler shop but the best place to sell your old or pledge gold is Online Gold Buyer.

They allow you to give your gold to check its purity and weight.

Provide you the best price for your gold in the whole market.

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Always buy your old Gold at live market price.

Before choosing this option to sell your unused or old gold, always check companies SSL certification. BENAKA GOLD COMPANY is the leading online gold buyer across India. It has many branches in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and across India.

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Jewelry store:

India has millions of jewelry shops small and big that sell gold jewelry and buy your old gold. Purchasing gold jewelry from small stores can be a risky business as they can sell you impure gold or can sell stolen gold artefacts. Always pay visit to big reputed shops for a guaranteed pure gold purchase.

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