Gold is considered the best investment. People often sell their gold jewellery due to financial difficulties. When there is a rise in gold price it is the right time to sell gold jewellery for the best market value.

There are some important factors you need to consider before selling your gold.


The gold price depends on the weight and purity of the jewellery. But before selling your jewellery to a gold buyer you need to know the current live price of your jewellery. 

The gold price might have increased due to some external factors such as festivals, strikes, or inflation. So you need to be updated about the gold market.

Benaka Gold is the best gold company in Bangalore. You can sell your gold and get an instant live price on the spot. We do not charge any service charges for buying your jewellery. 


Do not settle for the first option to sell your gold. You need to research the other gold buyers in the market. The company must be ISO 9001:2015 certified company and provide the live price. Make sure that the company offers easy and simple procedures to sell your gold. 

Benaka Gold is the only gold company in Bangalore to offer the live price for your jewellery. We check the gold weight and purity using the latest German technology to ensure transparency and 100% customer satisfaction. 


When you want to sell your jewellery do not expect to earn more than the gold market price.  Hence, you need to visit professional gold buyers in Bangalore to get the right value for your gold jewellery. The price depends on many factors such as market value, weight, purity, and much more. 

Benaka Gold Company provides the live price for your jewellery. We use the latest German technology to check the weight and purity of gold.                       


It is important to research the gold buyers before you sell your jewellery. Get quotes from the best gold company in Bangalore and sell your gold for the best market value to meet your financial needs.   


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